Researchers Suggest As Many As 120,000 Alien Signals Arrive To Earth Each Day


Fast radio bursts are possibly the most mysterious astronomical phenomenon of the new century. Their study began just over a decade ago when in 2007 Duncan Lorimer and his team stated the discovery of the first very powerful, but short (a few milliseconds) radio burst that came “out of nowhere.”


That is, as it was nearly half a century ago with cosmic gamma-ray bursts, the flare was no longer detected in any range of the spectrum, and in addition, it was not probable to precisely localize what it was associated with.


It took nearly a decade before astronomers were able to confirm the cosmological origin of fast radio bursts but now, we hear news about newly discovered signals literally every month. The source of these FRBs remains unclear.


Older theories proposed that they could either come from neutron stars or black holes. In 2020, several researchers reached the conclusion that certain fast radio bursts initiate from magnetars but this may not be the same for all such signals.



Now, a Chinese team of researchers has reported the most incredible find – three fast radio bursts from the early periods of the Universe. The FRBs were revealed in data from the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) and have been verified to be at least several billion years old.


Based on the data obtained by FAST from 2020 alone, researchers suggest that with more focused observations, there may be more than 120,000 FRBS that we could intercept every single day. Can you imagine what researchers could do with such knowledge and what mysteries of the universe may be answered?

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